How to Make Mirror Water

I’ve made it no secret that I have a love affair with water. I grew up on the ocean, and for the first dozen years of my life I had my body in the water daily. Water soothes me, whether it be the rough Pacific where I learned to swim or the quiet Koi pond in my back yard. I go to water for comfort.

I never saw the beauty of SL’s water until my new laptop came along. In fact, water didn’t rezz for me at all. Now I spend most of my time in SL near water. I’ve found that sitting on the water’s edge in Second Life can almost soothe me just as much as it can in real life.

In my quest to find a way to create a mirror image for my Narcissus snapshot, I came across this super nifty tutorial for making reflective water in Second Life. I followed the directions posted here by Zonja Capalini, and wonder of all wonders- it worked!

I’ve been having a blast snapping mirror water pics. I’ll be posting inworld pics to my flickr, instead of boring you guys with a bazillion vanity shots.

My name is Whiskey, and I fall down. A lot.

I’m having fun. :)

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10 thoughts on “How to Make Mirror Water

  1. When I first came to SL and didn’t know anyone, I spent many hours exploring the Linden oceans. It is one thing they did absolutely right and is on par with many of the best gaming (read: advanced graphic) treatments of water. It is what inspired me to make my first ambient soundscapes in SL, because a silent beach is not very immersive. I made whales, bubbles, different surfs, several different stream sounds, seagulls, splashings & ripplings, all inspired by the Linden water. I’ve sat and watched a whole inworld day-cycle and how the water changes constantly with the light.It’s very beautiful.

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