Indigenous Nudity

Naked or Nude?


4 thoughts on “Indigenous Nudity

  1. I agree with Botgirl, it is strangely subtle. I think that’s because you left out the third choice: naked, nude or native. Although you did claim that with “indigenous” in the title. I’d go with bare, revealed, or exposed… and so… “Barely Indigenous”? ;)

  2. My mom’s May issue of Art News Magazine has an article about Nudity vs Nakedness, and I thought it was interesting that they mentioned indigenous nudity several times. It seemed such an archaic term. Is there even such a thing anymore? I’ve been thinking about the article for several days, and it birthed this.

    • Cool image. I like!

      I saw the title “Indigenous Nudity” in my blog reader and when I clicked it I was expecting to see some kind of program warning like “this program contains scenes of Indigenous nudity” like on the Discovery Network or something, lol. That’s the only place I have ever seen that term. It’s so anthropological.

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