An Open Letter to My Daughters (and Yours, too)

Dearest wee beasties,

I spent a lot of time waiting for my life to start. Girls often do. We’re taught to look forward. Look forward to hitting puberty, look forward to being a teen, to Sweet 16, to being a woman.  I always thought my life would get better, and my real life would start at some magic milestone. And I was always disappointed to wake up the same girl in the same circumstances with the same life.

You’ve had a far different life than mine, but I still see this tendency in you. I see you looking forward to your life starting.

Your life starts now. This moment is your life- not tomorrow, not when school starts, not when you get married, and not when you move out. Don’t look so forward to those things that you miss your life. Goals are wonderful, and anticipation can be sweet. But live now; don’t squander today while you look forward to tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to watching your life as young women, but I don’t want to miss these moments with you now. Life is coffee before school, cooking dinner together, crying together and laughing at each other.  These moments are just as important as those that you hope will come soon.

Your life starts now. Don’t waste time waiting for it.

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