The Viewing Room

Marx has been after me for months to open an inworld gallery for my photos. I resisted- mainly because it seemed odd. My pics are readily available here and on Flickr, and a gallery just seemed like a waste. But she was persistent and encouraging. And she made me think.

I realized that an inworld gallery makes sense for a lot of reasons. Chief among them is that my shots are Second Life photos. They’re meant to look like SL pics, and I love the characteristics of a shot taken inworld. An inworld gallery is a natural choice for viewing inworld art. I enjoy wandering through galleries in SL, and the immersive feel of viewing art that way.

Another good reason? Let’s be honest, looking this good isn’t free. My photos are my hobby and I don’t have a lot of play money these days, what with keeping my family alive and fed and all. Selling some pics to  pay for my hobby would sure be nice. I don’t do much building, so I buy most of my props and I’m happy to do it. But I could buy more if I were actually selling something inworld.

Crap Mariner made my decision easy for me when he built a gallery on Edloe. The Viewing Room is under the mountain, perfectly situated under Marx’s The Listening Room. It’s the perfect space, and I couldn’t love it more.

I’ll be opening soon. I’m excited and nervous and very, very honored to have this space.  I hope to have a grand opening bash- and you’re invited! But first I have to learn how to package items for sale.

16 thoughts on “The Viewing Room

  1. Packaging tutorial … Right click, select Edit. Turn on Sell. Enter a price. Check ‘Copy’. Now anyone who buys it gets a copy (make sure the item’s next user perms are no-copy or no-transfer). I’d be honored to shower thousands of L$ on you to test.

    • Haha! Thanks! :) I need to package them in a folder, however, so that the buyer also gets a title card with each pic. The titles of the Tweets as Pics shots are far too long for the description area, so I’m using title cards.

      • I strongly encourage you to make “Mod” a next-owner perm, so people can resize to suit their own decor. Then choose either No-Trans or No-Copy. I personally prefer no-copy, as art can make for an excellent gift. :o) And since they’re Mod, you can put the NC inside the original and they’ll get that, too.

      • Well, the title card is actually on a prim, for display if needed. Since, right now, I’m displaying some my Tweets as Pictures series, each one is numbered in the series. The title card has the title of the piece and the number in the series. Make sense? So, if it’s in a folder, the buyer will get the pic (mod/trans/no copy) and the card, as well as a LM to the gallery.

        So then, I need to sell “contents” instead of “copy”, right? If I put the folder inside the picture?

  2. Whatever size the one I bought worked fine for my wall :D. But, G has a point about making them mod. I’ve purchased art inworld which truly was either too small or large and because of that, they would languish in my inventory. It isn’t like in RL where you can judge accurately if it will fit the desired space or not.

    BTW – if Crap puts in a Starbucks, will he accept gold cards for purchases? MOAR ICED LATTES.

  3. Great news about your Gallery – YOUR Showcase – you have made such an incredible portfolio which is addictive and surpasses imaginative ideas portrayed through your pics – wonderful! Would you consider opening a gallery in IW too? Free Uploading *grins*

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