Projects & Big Goings On

So much going on in my real world and my virtual worlds. The real world stuff isn’t any fun to talk about, so I’ll focus on the more exciting virtual world stuff.

I is for Inventory

Have you been catching the series at A is for Avatar?

Botgirl is heading up a great group of collaborators there. We’ll be cycling through the alphabet a few times, I think. I’m not so great at collaboration, I’ve learned, so this has been a good exercise for me. Crap Mariner’s prolific writing mixed with Botgirl’s inexhaustible creativity with a dash of my visual help makes for fun stuff!



Marx and I have been working on my gallery, The Viewing Room. It’s almost ready to open. I’ve created a small photo booth in one corner of the gallery, and folks are already stopping by to take pics in it. I’m hoping to be finished this weekend, and planning an opening for next week-ish! Please come!

In the  meantime, I’ve also had the honor of a little gallery space in Natacha Haroldsen‘s new gallery. I know that times are dire and places are disappearing left and right in Second Life. But there are still people building and creating and opening every day. The Pickled Herring Galleri opens officially on Saturday.

Natacha opened the gallery as a place to showcase artists who normally only post their works to flickr or blogs. She’ll be rotating artists monthly, and there are some amazing works there now for the opening. She has also built a stunning half sim of scenery that’s ideal for taking photos. If you join the free group, you can rezz items for shooting. This is truly an artist’s showcase gallery, and I’m honored to get to be a part of it.

My little space in the top floor of the first building. I’ve hung photos that aren’t on display at The Viewing Room. The grand opening party is Saturday from 1-3 SL time. If the planets align, and they so rarely do, I’ll be there. If not, do please stop by and check out the beautiful art and meet the artists.

And now I’m headed back to first life, reluctantly. I’d much rather stay and look at the pretty pictures.

3 thoughts on “Projects & Big Goings On

  1. I’ve told you a thousand times, but you think I’m biased, so I’ll tell you once more:

    You are exceptionally talented and and I am so thrilled that you share that talent with all of us.

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