Miranda July Must Die

Marxie and I had a movie night last night. Things have been pretty crazy here, and a snuggly movie night on the couch was exactly what I needed. Marx is a film buff, but chose a movie neither of us had seen. We watched “The Future” by Miranda July. What starts out charming and endearing and special ends up heartwrenching, horrible and soul-sucking. After a long night of trying to sleep between the dozen trips to the bathroom my sister needed, I found myself rather angry at Ms. July this morning. This photo was born of those feelings.

I don’t think Miranda July needs to actually die. Just maybe suffer a long trip down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol. Which is exactly like watching the “The Future.”

This is one of those photos that is far better viewed larger, if you click the photo.

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3 thoughts on “Miranda July Must Die

  1. Erm . . . I just read the summary of the movie and it said something like “After adopting a stray cat, their life changed . . . ” and from your description, it was not for the better!

    My attitude to cats has been reinforced.

    Pep (who will doubtless now have Lee and the rest of the ailurophiles on his case.)

  2. The Morale of This Film: If you’re precious, soft-spoken and prone to act impulsively on random encounters, then it’s better to stay self-absorbed, bored, on the sofa and addicted to the Internet. Otherwise, innocent animals will die and time will stop and the moon isn’t going to be much help to you. Oh, and you might get caught dancing badly while wearing a 7XL T-shirt like a leotard. So just watch YouTube, hipster.

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