Never Alone

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15 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. You really suck. Now I feel lame about feeling put upon because people periodically walk past my closed-door, glass-walled office and distract me in my peripheral vision from my giant computer monitor/privacy screen.

    Seriously, that image gets the feeling across powerfully. Too powerfully. I’m a fairly hardcore introvert and have set up my life so that there are seldom unwanted demands for interaction. I even hate it when the grocery clerk asks me, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” So this image really made me cringe. Although my personal nightmare would be more about people surrounding me with talking mouths than reaching hands.

    • I got here via Botgirl’s tweet. If you remove the suffering avatar from the center, it seems like a portrait of love. Return the suffering avatar, and it’s a depiction of suffering. (Hands for you, mouths for Botgirl, eyes for me.) Seems like the presence of one tiny avatar enables multiple perspectives, which is really cool. Much admired!

  2. Really strong image. It had a big impact on me too. It looks scary to me. I’m an introvert too and I need to be alone for at least a little while every day. It’s the main reason why I get up so early to go down to the lake to watch the sunrise. No one is around wanting 50 million things from me at that time. Excellent work!

  3. Thanks so much, guys.

    I wanted this shot to be ambiguous. The point of view of the viewer determines whether this portrays comfort or discomfort.

    I’ll be honest, I started out with an image of pure discomfort but felt it was too strong and in your face.

    The lack of privacy and personal space and alone time in my life right now is profound, and it affects everything. I’m not the most introverted person, but I have always appreciated down time. I can’t even remember what down time looks like anymore.

    And Botgirl, I think an image with mouths instead of hands would be pretty incredible! Challenge? :)

  4. When I first saw this picture I saw something that I’d probably said to you a thousand times in the recent past.. “You are never alone”. What I meant by that at the time was that dealing with Cancer (be it as a patient or as a carer) is a lonely experience. You’re trapped with your innermost thoughts and fears fighting to get to the service not to mention the helplessness of watching the world race by as you’re stuck on the hard shoulder with the bonnet up, trying to figure out what the hell has gone wrong. “You are never alone” was intended as an expression of support. A way of offering a friendly hug or a hand on the shoulder and saying “Hey!! the door is always open, I’ve been there. If you ever want to talk, rant, cry, hear a particularly crap British joke or sit on a virtual beach in the company of another avatar without any of the above..then I’m here.”

    Then I looked at your picture again. You made me think Whiskey. Damn know how much I hate it when you make me think..:)

    I revisited the time I cared for my own father and I finally realised tonight that “You are never alone” can also be seen in a different context than the one I tagged it with. Seeing your picture a second time I remembered that feeling of being trapped, of wanting to run away screaming from the wellwishers and the askingafters continually coming to the door, of wanting to be somewhere normal..anywhere else than in the same room and watching the morphine destroy an already fragile relationship. I remembered last year how I felt exactly the same, but then I was seeing it through the eyes of a patient rather than as a carer. And I remembered in both cases the false front I projected, simply because it was the done thing…

    You made me think Whiskey. And I think I am going to offer you an apology. I hope there have been moments when my popping a head briefly around the door has offered a small nugget of normality in a long day. But I realise there have probably been days when you’ve wanted to scream at me for it too and been too gracious to do so. I would have done exactly the same. So it’s those days that I publically say I am truly sorry.

    • “service”??? Of course I meant “surface”.

      *sigh* Even now there is still a disconnect with words..fortunately I’ve stopped wearing my pants on my head.. :)

      • Oh Alex. You’ve not one teeny thing to apologize for, not even one.

        You’ve never needed a thing from me. You reached out with no expectations and no pressure. That’s the difference.

        The hands that surround me all need me, need something, pull and pluck and take. You’ve never come close to that.


  5. Ah. Okay! (breathes huge sigh of relief and comes out from underneath the duvet..).

    That being said though, your picture has been a good reminder that even the best intentions can be too much to bear. Something I will remember when talking to a couple of people we both know.

    Thanks again :)

  6. You are entering the gallery phase. This deserves a limited, framed, signed printing – RL, not SL, I want this on my wall. Let me know when you have it set up and I will buy one.

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