The Temptation to Quote Ray Bradbury is Strong

But I shall resist.

No photo today. I’ve got my  hands full.

My mom suffered what they call a “minor stroke” this weekend. She’s still in the hospital. Because she’s in my face 24/7, I recognized her symptoms right away and got her to the hospital within minutes. This is rare for stroke victims. They often don’t have a caregiver to notice the signs, or they chalk up their symptoms to something else. There are meds for stroke patients that can only be effective at the very onset of symptoms, but only a very small percentage of people are eligible for them since they seek treatment so late. My mom was lucky, and she’ll recover. There is a woman in the bed next to mom in the neuro ICU, and she’s only 40 years old. She wasn’t so lucky. Read here to learn more about the signs of stroke. Even if you don’t have an aging loved one in your face, knowing the signs could save someone’s life– even your own.

On top of  that, we’re under a blizzard warning due to Hurricane Sandy’s tail wrapping around into our cold air. A foot of snow is headed my way overnight, with wind gusts up to 60 mph. In case you were wondering:

I live in a beautiful  mountain area. It’s very rural and we’ve still got gorgeous colored leaves on trees. It may be pretty today, but it will  be deadly tomorrow when the weight of snow and ice pulls trees down onto power lines and across back country roads. We generally lose power during a common thunderstorm. I can’t imagine what a blizzard/hurricane will do to us.

I’m  having trouble remembering why I stopped drinking.

If you’re on the East Coast, I wish you well. If you’re on the other, I wish you would keep an eye on us and push help our way. It looks like we’re gonna need it.


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6 thoughts on “The Temptation to Quote Ray Bradbury is Strong

  1. “I’m having trouble remembering why I stopped drinking.”

    I have a hard time remembering why I stopped drinking, too.
    Then I look at the frame on my arm. And the pills that say “NO ALCOHOL.”
    Shit. Maybe we can get Tipsy to drink for us both?


  2. My dad had a “minor” stroke last summer. My mom called me – not 911 or anything, sheesh – and asked what to do. “Get him to a hospital!”, ffs. They didn’t do that. They waited. He now has loss of communication skills and character recognition. He’s on his meds but the next stroke – not if, when – will likely ‘take him out.’ Your mom is very lucky to have you there.

  3. My Dad had a TIA (minor stroke, mini-stroke) two weeks ago. Fortunately no damage but they discovered his heart is shit.

    My thoughts are with you and your Mom (and sister).

  4. “I’m having trouble remembering why I stopped drinking.”

    Maybe to have enough awareness to notice your Mom’s symptoms? If there was a daughter of the year award, I think you just clinched it again. Hopefully the hospital has wifi and a generator. :)

  5. My wife suffered a major stroke at age 43 while we were living in India. The onset of gross symptoms occurred while she was in a hospital, but in retrospect, we believe the stroke actually started several hours earlier. The sign we missed was: Sudden difficulty seeing, she described it as chunks of her visual field just _gone_. At the time they thought it was a symptom of the severe dehydration she was suffering. Suffice to say, once it was obvious she was having a stroke it was too late for the clot busters. That was four years ago now and though she’s still recovering, the effects will be with us for many years to come.

    I’m really glad you were able to recognize the signs and get your mom to the ER in time! Best of luck with the storm too!!

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