Some feelings require an orchestra.

My entry for the Single Frame Stories challenge, “reaction.”

I’ve been gifted this week. While most people who know me might call me a bit  “touched,” I don’t mean I’ve been mentally gifted.

I have a few thank you notes to write. These are more difficult than I expected. I do claim to be a writer, after all. How hard can it be to say thank you?

I’m writing a letter to the donor who gave my sister a liver, and another to her family. The first one is really for me, as she was not a living donor, and the second letter will be given to the transplant team and passed along if the family wishes to receive it. I’ll never know if they read it or not. The donor is totally anonymous to us. I’ve written her imagined biography a dozen times in my head, but we’ll never know anything for sure.

I hope that when she is well enough my sister will write a letter as well. But my sister and I are very different people, and we express ourselves in pretty much opposite ways. Maybe she’ll surprise me. Maybe this transplant will turn things around for her and she’ll see the world through the eyes of someone who was given the gift of life. That’s what I hope for her, for my sister. That she will appreciate every moment as if it is a precious gift.

I also need to write a thank you letter to the person who donated a computer to me this week. The day after my sister got her liver, I got a laptop that kicks all kinds of ass. It was a gift from a friend who didn’t believe me when I said I’d be just fine with not taking SL photos anymore. I had myself convinced that I didn’t need to take pics, that going back to seeing SL through low graphics was better than no SL at all, and that  I wouldn’t miss making my little photo sets. But I did miss it, and I would have missed seeing Second Life.

I’m  not sure what it is about building sets and taking photos that makes me so happy, but it does. So I will.

Right after I finish these thank you notes.

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4 thoughts on “Gifted

  1. Whiskey. Every time you have a new picture out, you give a beautiful present to so many people who enjoy, and are stimulated by, your work. Thank you! Personally I always look out for them… I’m so glad that you continue. I wish your sister a good recovery, and for both of you long health and happiness.

  2. SL would be a far worse place without Whisky about. I wish your sister a very long and lovely “second life” (because that is what it really is!)

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