Ideas and Thanks

dead ideas

I am the Champion Grand Master of murdering ideas before they take flight. Self doubt and fear are my weapons of choice.

Whether it’s writing or big life ideas, or even my funny little SL photos, I can shoot down an idea faster than you can say, “Lickety my split.” I justify this killing as part of the creative process- I call it being selective. Or weeding out the bad ideas. But they aren’t all bad ideas, some of them are just risky, or too personal, or perhaps too difficult to consider. And often it boils down simply to fear of sucking.

I was talking to a friend about my gifted laptop. I wondered how I could possibly thank someone for such a gift. Her answer sent me down a path of thinking that brought me to this post. She told me that the best way to thank him was to enjoy the hell out of the laptop. To use it to make art, to write, to help others, to Get Shit Done. She’s right.

And I’d like to take that a step further- I want to stop killing the good ideas, to stop being afraid. I want to stop letting self doubt be a part of my creative process. It has no place there. I need to take risks and push harder and write the hard shit. Recognize my fears, acknowledge them and then do it anyway.

I want to allow gratitude to be a catalyst for letting go of those weapons, and start Getting Shit Done.

And let that be my thank you.

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