Kiss Off

No, not you. The Song. I’m working on a series of landscapes for an upcoming show, and they’ll all be named after Violent Femmes lyrics. Here’s a teaser photo:

LandscapeI Forget What Eight Was For

(click the pic to see it bigger and better)

I’ll post more info here when the show opens on the 15th of this month.

I love shooting landscapes, but in typical Whiskey fashion, I want to shoot my landscapes, not someone else’s. I managed to set up this shot when a friend let her sim go, and I got to play around with it on the night before LL made it go poof. I wish I’d had more time; playing with an empty sim and 15,000 prims made me tingle in happy places.

More to come!

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8 thoughts on “Kiss Off

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  2. Show me a build, give me some time, and I can reduce the prim count. My long-term goal is to reproduce all of SL in one prim. The hard part will be the texturing and getting people to stop building long enough for me to catch up.

    15,000 prims just makes my goal that much harder to reach. But we all need a hobby.

    I love the picture. You do great work Whiskey.

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