Bumping it Down

A friend mentioned that every time she opened WordPress, she had to see my last photo, and it was disturbing her. So even though I don’t really have anything to blog about, like many bloggers I won’t let that stop me- but I’m doing it so that Bridget won’t be disturbed by my piggy head anymore. I’m bumping it down.

Lots of things happening all at once, keeping me busy busy busy. Busier than normal, anyway. My sister is slowly improving, but any improvement is hopeful. My niece’s last day of school is Friday, and a long summer of keeping an intelligent 12 year old entertained is looming ahead. I’m going to casually drop a copy of Watership Down on a table somewhere. That should keep her happy for a week or so.

Inworld I’ve got a piece in a group show opening this weekend at Palais Orleans Gallery Complex.

Love & Other Bruises Poster - dates (s)

Sponsored by LUMIPro and curated by Morgana Nagorski. “Love & Other Bruises is about love… lies… deceit… selfishness… indifference… jealousy… betrayal… infidelity….  Love gone bad, if you will.”

There are 20 artists involved, all of them amazing. You can see the whole list here

The show runs 25 May to 21 July 2013. Opening events at 6:00-8:00pm SL time on Saturday 25 May, and 10:00AM-12:00PM Sunday 26 May.

I’m pretty up front about my aversion to openings, but I might pop in. Regardless, the show is impressive and different from the norm. Go check it out. 

Another exciting project in the works is the Single Frame Stories exhibit at the SL10B celebration. More details to come soon, but I’m thrilled that we’re going to be a part of the fun! I’m definitely NOT a builder, so putting together the display is a huge challenge for me. I’ll post progress pics when I have something worth showing. So far our exhibit consists of half my inventory rezzed on a platform as “inspiration.” Keep an eye on the Single Frame Stories blog for information about submitting stories for display in the exhibit. 

When I need a break from that, I work on my new house. Finding the right blend of cozy and modern that my roomie and I both want isn’t always easy, but we’ve found some lovely middle ground so far. These are progress pics. We’re nowhere near done yet. And with the Home and Garden Expo opening tomorrow, I’ll probably go back and change everything, anyway.








And I’ve also got half of a photo set up, but haven’t had time enough to really work on it. It’ll likely just stay on the back burner ’til after SL10B. In the meantime, enjoy this shot that I took of Aemeth Lysette after she volunteered to be my model.


It’s intimidating to make art with someone who is an incredible artist. I had the shot set up, and Aemy come dressed perfectly for it without even knowing what I was setting up. Kismet. Be sure to go check out her blog.

So, there ya go. Happy now, Bridget?

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