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3 thoughts on “Small

  1. I’m not over childproof at my condo, but over the years when I watch a relative, she is now 6, I give her little “diaries” with a regular pencil and colored pencils and encourage her to write “books” and illustrate them, she does poems and songs too. It may be selective to the child, but to this one, its hours worth of entertainment. When she was three she wrote her first song, “peanut butter, peanut butter, sitting on the tracks, peaaaaanuuuuut butter! Choo!Choo!” Not sure of its deeply hidden meaning but it’s a cork all the same. We still sing it. ;)

    You are good. You teach your niece the world won’t wait to entertain her, that the greatest entertainment is found from within. :) Thank you for giving us a child who will not later succumb to the boredom’s of the world.

  2. I’m once again touched by your words and pictures. My three kids are now on the precipice of adulthood, but I remember when they were young feeling so guilty whenever they said they were bored. At first I wanted to scold you for not actively engaging your niece to “fix the problem.” (Very judgmental of me, I know.) But as usual, you made me think about a subject in a different way than usual. I ended up feeling that it’s much better to let her find creative ways to deal with it, rather than expect that someone else will always end up entertaining her.

  3. It never goes away, really. That feeling. We’re all so small and trying so hard not to let the Woundworts of the world defeat us. I suspect your niece will find her own primrose path. If nothing else, she has someone who knew enough to leave Watership Down laying around to be discovered.

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