SL10B Main Stage- A’stra

I spoke with one of the builders of the SL10B Main Stage, and he told me to go ahead and post my pics, as they were pretty much finished building. I cannot tell you how excited I am to show off this build. It can’t be properly captured in photos. It spans two full sims, and the smoke coming from my computer after taking these pics was worth every second. I left these large, if you click through you can see each pic in better detail.


The guys from Grendels are building this turtle, and they’re calling it A’stra Stage, and their motto is “Ad Astra Per Aspera.” Look it up yourself, I’m not your mother.


I wish I could have taken the photos that this build deserves. I dare say there will be far better shots over the next few weeks.


The build is mostly plain prims and sculpties, with some mesh pieces. I took this next shot to try to convey the massive scale, but even that doesn’t really drive it home. Those are full sims behind A’stra. She’s just incredible.


SL10B Community Celebration opens to the public on June 16. You won’t want to miss seeing this for yourself.


I didn’t take pics of everything, because you should have some fun surprises. Be sure to check out her tail when you’re exploring.


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10 thoughts on “SL10B Main Stage- A’stra

  1. Does it make anyone else smile to realize that very few people who aren’t in the know about SL and all the marvelous creations…. really miss out, and you aren’t sure you want to let them in on the wonderful secret.

  2. Ad Astra Per Aspera = To the Stars through difficulties. That’s one of several possible translations.

    I’m not your mother either.

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