Someone Else’s Space

I was invited to exhibit an erotic series at Assis Gallery this month. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about space. Not the final frontier,  but the way our physical space affects us, and how even a virtual space can have such a profound effect on frame of mind. I am always can be irritated and bitchy in my real world space, but when I visit my Second Life home I feel soothed in a very real way. It’s calming to be in “my space,” even if it’s a virtual space. The sets that I create for my photos are sort of my spaces as well. They’re very personal and come from a picture that forms in my mind. When I’m shooting in my sets, I feel the emotion that I was trying to evoke with the final shot. For me, even that virtual space has a very real effect. 

And so I decided to play around with that idea, and visit other people’s virtual spaces. Since I needed to shoot an erotic series, why not shoot them in other people’s houses? I sent out a plea via Plurk for landmarks to my friend’s homes, asking for permission to drop trou’ and get all up close and nekid with their space. I was shocked by the number of people who happily offered up their homes, no questions asked. I only needed five shots, but I visited dozens of homes over two days.

I TPed all over the grid au naturel, and I discovered something that I didn’t expect. Standing undressed in someone else’s home when they weren’t there left me feeling surprisingly vulnerable. I walked around all of their rooms, perved their furniture menus and looked in the bedside table drawers- and yet I was the one feeling exposed and vulnerable. I’m not entirely comfortable with my own vulnerability- who is?- and so it was tough to ignore that feeling long enough to set up and shoot these pics.

Thank you to everyone who let me prowl around their homes in my birthday suit. I can only display five pieces at Assis, but took many more than that, so I’ll be working on them and displaying them at my own gallery in the future.

I’m adding the photos below, in case you don’t wish to scroll down to pixel tits all up in your face or your workplace frowns on that kinda thing. This exhibit opens on Saturday, June 15 at Assis Gallery, and the work will be for sale. There’s a big Rocky Horror themed opening party on Friday night. I’ll add details when I know them.

As always, click the pic to see it bigger and better. 







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