Gushing Wackadoodle Zealot


My original rezz date in Second Life was Dec. 29, 2006. I’ve been around for seven birthday celebrations, but last year was the first that I ever attended. I didn’t have the computer capability to attend events and huge builds for my first 5+ years as an avatar.  I viewed them through the eyes of others, by way of their inworld photos. Because of this, I never felt like I was a part of the celebration. I was member of a very small community in SL, and I never really felt connected to the grid as a whole. With my camera pointed at the floor in order to be able to chat, it was tough to get a feel for how big our virtual world was.

I know how lucky I am to be able to see Second Life, and I mean really see it. I appreciate every day that I am able to log in and explore anywhere and everywhere. There is always so much to see, so many incredible creations to discover. I wish that everyone who uses SL could have a window that’s clear and smooth.

I know I sound like a cheesy fangirl. And I am! I have no shame- I am a huge fan of the world that SL users have built. I’ve been quite vocal about my issues with LL (to the point of being called a Wackadoodle, which is absurd) and I still cringe every time they show their ignorance of the way the grid actually works. Don’t even get me started on their lack of communication with their customers. But when it comes to the universe that lives inside my viewer, I am unabashedly full-on Beatles screaming fan-girl. I still feel a thrill when I log in, and I’m usually disappointed when I have to log out.

This year, I’m not just able to visit the SL birthday celebrations, I have the honor of participating. I’ve heard about the drama and issues of past birthday celebrations, and I’m sure there were plenty of both with this one, too. But I’ve not seen any of those. I’ve had a wonderful experience at SL10B. I’ve met creators who were generous with their time and advice for a total noob builder, volunteers who were patient and more patient, and I can’t say enough about my sim coordinator, Marianne McCann. I’m really proud to be an exhibitionist. (wink wink)


I’ve been inworld off and on for almost seven years, but I still feel like an explorer every day. If I can’t find something to discover, I can create something myself. Sure, Second Life has its issues but I’m still a fan of the grid, if not its steward. As long as there is a world inside my viewer, I will happily log into it.

Happy birthday, Second Life. While we live, let’s live.

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