Nerves of Steel

I don’t have them.




I’m a little nervous about participating tomorrow in a voice interview at the SL10B Auditorium. I don’t use voice much, mainly because the sound of other people mouth breathing into their mic makes my skin crawl, but also because I detest the sound of my own voice. But I’ve come to adore Rowan Derryth and when she asked if she could interview me, I couldn’t say no. After all, she did allow me to wander nude around her house last week.  And then she sent along the schedule of folks she’s interviewing. Here’s the poster, see for yourself:



Holy shit! Then I got even more nervous. Do you SEE those names? And mine seems so odd among them. Yes, I know that people are people and we all put our pants on the same way- hopping around on one foot with our drinks held aloft. But I’ve long admired every single person on that poster, and to be listed among them is incredibly humbling. And nerve wracking.

I’m a decent writer, but that’s only because one has time to think when writing.  The spoken word doesn’t come near as naturally for me. I’m rather goobish, truth be told. And I’m not very adept at talking about “my process” without feeling pretentious and artsy fartsy. I’m telling you all of this so that your expectations are low, no- lower, lower still please- there. When I  maybe get off a good line or two, I’ll do better than you expected.

If you’d like to come listen live, we’ll be at the SL10B Auditorium here at 3pm SL time on Tuesday, June 18th. We’ll also be recording our chat so that we can all play it back later and laugh and laugh. Or rather, you laugh. I’ll cry.

But no making fun of my Southern accent, y’all.


9 thoughts on “Nerves of Steel

  1. Everyone will adore your voice, because it’s yours. Especially if y’all are a southern belle. So no worries there. Just relax, and be yourself, and your normal charm will come through.

  2. I’m glad these are recorded, ’cause I so can’t be near my computer at that time and I wanna hear Whiskey. 8D 8D 8D There are a bunch of my favorite people on that list.

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