Future Evidence

Ever say something and immediately realize you’ve just incriminated yourself? Maybe it’s just me. Unfortunately, I was being recorded at the time. I fully expect Social Services to show up at my house any minute.

If you’d like to listen to and watch Rowan  and I chatting at SL10B yesterday, here’s the video. I appreciate Mal Burns and Petlove Petshop working so hard to video and post this for us.

And I’m pretty certain this video will be used at a future trial in which I will be the defendant. I plan on pleading insanity.

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5 thoughts on “Future Evidence

  1. What a great, and illuminating interview! i’m intrigued by the way you see your images in words first, then translate them into visual form – beats me how you do it, but you do it extraordinarily well!

  2. This is a remarkable conversation you guys. Thank you so much. So much of virtual space, MMO’s, Social Nets, all of it, is overwhelmingly dominated by the superficial. Facebook is a place where even really smart people can be mind-numbingly banal. And in the heart of all of that, you have shared such a beautiful, real, compelling conversation.

    As a culture I think we are obsessed with facts, when what our souls yearn for is truth, not facts. So “Windows 8 User’s Manual” is filled with “facts” yet it contains no deep truth at all. “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,” by contrast, contains no facts at all, it’s just a bunch of shit that Shakespeare made up, yet for so many it contains some of the most powerful human truth ever experienced.

    In this conversation and the work that you’ve each done I think that you have found real truth. Perhaps it is also “factual,” I don’t personally care too much, but what I do care about is that it is real. It is honest. Your drama unfolds not on the gigantic stage of Denmark and England and Kings and murderous brothers, but on a more human scale.

    I am finding human scale a remarkable place to work. For a quarter of a century now I have slowly been understanding that less is more. Not the cold austerity of a modernist “less” like Mies van der Rhoe, but a postmodern “complex simplicity” of “less” like Allan Kaprow spending a day unfolding each blade of grass just folded over in a walk he took.

    In your beautiful work and in this simple conversation you have offered small moments of truth, of simplicity, of honesty. This is an extraordinary gift. Thank you.

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