This is my 500th post here at Whiskey Shots. I’d been waiting ’til I had time to write a proper post with all of the expected drivel about what this blog means to me but it looks like  that’s not going to happen any time soon, so this’ll do.

This blog was born years ago when I was living in InWorldz. It has spun 180º into something totally different. I’m okay with that; it was an evolution, just like my life.

I haven’t had time to blog  a series of photos that I took of Chip Midnight’s FemDroid avatar. It’s incredible how expressive this robot can be, even though her face doesn’t move. It’s a testament to Chip’s talent, which makes it easy to tell a complex story with such simple elements.

These photos are available at my Fine Art America print site. Chip Midnight was gracious enough to give his permission for me to sell these prints.




I haven’t had time to blog lately. Having the wee beastie niece home for the summer, on top of my normal shit to deal with, has made things even busier. My sister has had some issues with the  massive dosages of steroids she has to take to keep her liver from being rejected. We’re still working on getting her healthy, but I can see small improvements every day, even if it is slow going. My mother was officially diagnosed with vascular dementia, so I’m hoping this diagnosis will lead to better treatment and more help for her. And for me.

In the meantime, we still deal with things day to day here, and I try not to look too far back, nor too far forward.

But I feel like I should at least look back at my first post here, as it’s some sort of milestone today. Here’s the first blog post on Whiskey Shots.

I also went to see which was my most viewed post here, and was surprised to see that there was a tie. The posts with the most views were Bullshit (a response to a NY Tmes interview with Philip Rosedale) and An Unpopular Opinion (which I came this close to deleting. I did eventually  have to disable comments after being attacked from every direction possible.)

I hope to get back to actually writing here soon. I’ve got oodles to tell you, and several drafts to flesh out into proper posts. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick with me for 500 more.

12 thoughts on “500

  1. Congratulations! Here’s to the next 500. And what beautiful, expressive pictures. I especially like the first two.

  2. Congratulations & thank you for sharing your joys and frustrations! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  3. good to see you are doing fine inspite of RL and all we have to deal with in our lives. Im back inWorldz now after a long long roadtrip. I suddenly felt I had to go back home…. i miss all we had, our BBQs at Midsomer and all. But times changes and so are we. Lets create the future together. Take care girl <3

    Mera Kranfel/Vesper Kling

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