Are Those Our Only Choices?

eating final

“Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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14 thoughts on “Are Those Our Only Choices?

    • Hi there Bored,

      Just wanted to point out that this image was created inworld, not in photoshop. I don’t create images in PS, I do occasionally use PS, but rarely is it used in composition, only in adding effects.

      An anonymous comment does not a critique make. But thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice. Captures the quote perfectly with one image.

    And now I will not be able to sleep.

    (It’s not your image. It’s the idea of Crap’s hand driving Grover).

  2. I have to laugh at the comment by ‘bored’. His sentence “photo shop skills do not an artist make.”, sounds like it has meaning, but actually is fully content free.

    Criticizing a piece because of its category, and not its actuality, is a fine example of the type of pseudo intellectualism I hear all the time in the art world.

    In actuality photoshop ‘skills’ are just another tool used by massive numbers of ‘real’ artists worldwide every single day.

    Art is all about the finished work and the perceiver’s interaction with that work, it is not dependent on ‘the process’ to give it value and meaning.

    All of the ‘process is paramount’ people seem to need to refer back to their art school ‘mental masturbation critique’ days, and pretend the ‘true meanings of art’ are hidden, and available only to the cognoscenti, like themselves.

    It’s an old game. And a boring one. No wonder they are bored….. heh

    • It seems to be the kind of criticism that is thrown to avoid a discussion of the message. A “Listen to me! I’m more important!” sort of thing. Look down to the message and feel like you’ve mastered the art of debate with a 101 textbook technique.

      But going back to the question, “are those our only choices?”

      Whenever you’re dragged to the game of a monster, you’ve lost.

      If you out-monster a monster, there will be always a group of people wondering what your secret intentions are, even if there are none, and sooner or later that takes always a toll. If you let the monster devour you, you’ll lose your energies. Whatever you do in these lines, you lose.

      Monsters will continue to be monsters as long as we give them power over our lives. Ignore them. Continue with your life. Your ignoring them, your success without them in your life, will be their punishment. If the situation really demands an action, then don’t act publicly. Gather strength and gather evidence. You will need both to hit the monster hard, and then steer clear from them before they have a chance to stand up.

  3. I think that there is no medium in existence that can’t be used to make art…so I do disagree strongly with ‘bored/boring’ … but back to the quote…
    Those aren’t the only options, I hope, being boringly normal is OK too.
    We all own a monster or two but they can be seduced and reduced to pet-like status with a bit of love.

  4. On August 25, 2000 I was finishing up a biography of Friedrich Nietzsche. (Yes, I read weird stuff.) I will admit to a cold chill when I came across the fact that he passed away on August 25, 1900. 100 years to the day I was finishing his biography.

    I don’t place any meaning to that, but the coincidence was one I will always remember.

    Very nice picture Whiskey. Very well done. I prefer Gimp over PS, but I don’t see any signs of either in the work.

    I think Bored felt a need to demonstrate he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  5. Regardless of whether whoever thinks you are an artist or not, I miss your pictures and words. I hope you are ok.

    Wish people could make their points without needing to attack.

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